Are Base Variant Cars Really Worth It? A Must Know For All

The base variants of the car are the cheapest cars of a model. However, the base variants have a few disadvantages that you must note before going for the consideration. Also, they have a certain advantageous side too, you can compare your needs through this article, give it a read.

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Updated On: Oct, 2, 2023 | 09:23 PM
Are Base Variant Cars Really Worth It? A Must Know For All

Are you wondering about getting a new car? Are you considering a base variant car for the buy? Well, we have something for you to help. Base variant cars are the cars of a model that are available at the lowest price in the segment and have comparatively fewer features than the higher models. In this article, we will let you know if getting a base variant car is really worth your money or if should you save some money and invest in a higher specification loaded car. Read the article to learn more.

What are base models?

As we described already base models are the models of a particular vehicle that have a limited specification to offer. You may have to compromise on certain features in order to get a base model. You may miss out on the sunroof, longer range, safety features like- 6 airbags, 360-degree camera, front or rear parking sensors, and much more.

Why are base models good?

The base models are beneficial for a for reasons. Lets dive in to know.
Costs lesser: The base variants are the least expensive cars in a model. If you like the design and can compromise on high-end specifications then you can get your dream car at a lower price if you prefer a base variant of the model.
Upgraded to suit your requirements: The base variants of the cars do miss out on some of the features but if you wish to get the features then you can easily get it upgraded at a service center or garage.

Why are base models not worth it?

As we discussed a few advantages of getting a base model of a car, it must be noted that the base variants also have a few disadvantages you must consider.
Safety compromise: You can compromise on the sunroof, infotainment system, and other not-so-required features but some features that enhance the safety of the car like- airbags, parking sensors, 360 camera, and dash cam are mostly crucified in the base models which may be a danger to the life in case of an unwanted incident.
Frequent service center visits: It is sure that you can get your car upgraded but these upgrades are non-reliable as these are not fitted by the company and require a lot of care and maintenance.

Written By: Akarsh Anant
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