Ashok Leyland’s Vision for the Future- Auto Expo 2023

Ashok Leyland's BOSS Battery Electric Vehicle, designed for a green, sustainable world, is full of opportunities.

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Published On: Jan, 16, 2023 | 11:18 AM

Ashok Leyland, a name that is set in concrete especially in India. Even the toy trucks that we used to play with were modelled after one of its vehicles. We know what type of an image pops up in our heads if we think about the trucking legend and that is what we wish to change as in this year’s Auto Expo Ashok Leyland has just launched an Electric Bus. With so many years of expertise in the heavy vehicle industry it has now ventured into the future giving us something that is synonymous with the word Modern Transportation. It runs on a battery that powers the motor that drives the vehicle. This vehicle uses a Lithium ion battery – which is charged externally. To provide payload advantage, this vehicle comes with lightweight design.


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