History Of Mumbai’s Iconic Double Decker Bus,15th September 2023 Marks The End Of This Journey-Watch Video

Iconic Red Double Decker busses were first came into existence in 1937, after 86 years it has been taken away from the roads of the financial capital of India. But it has a glorious history linked to it, from It's inception in the BEST to get featured in popular Bollywood movies.

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Published On: Sep, 15, 2023 | 05:51 PM

Mumbai’s iconic double decker busses journey has come to end. 15th September 2023 is the day when last double decker bus came out from BEST depot Mumbai. It was first introduced in August 1937 and it started catching everyone’s eyeballs in the financial capital of India. During the early 90’S there were more than 900 double decker busses in the fleet, but it wasn’t feasible and profitable for the BEST to continue it with such a large fleet, so eventually the fleet size started getting smaller. These BEST double decker busses have a great history, watch this video to know more.

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