Honda Activa Limited Edition Launched In India, Check Out The Specs

Honda has finally launched the limited edition range of its Honda Activa Scooters. The launch was yesterday and the bookings have already opened. You can book the limited edition Honda Activa online or by visiting the nearest Honda dealership. hurry Now, these editions wont last long.

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Published On: Sep, 28, 2023 | 06:00 PM
Honda Activa Limited Edition Launched In India, Check Out The Specs

Honda has launched the limited edition Activa scooters in India. For a long period of time, Honda has worked to establish the Activa range of scooters as the most popular and selling scooter lineup. Keeping the hype in action, Honda has announced the all-new Honda Activa limited edition. If you are planning to buy any two-wheeler this festival season then do check this article as here, we have discussed all you need to know about the Honda Activa Limited Edition.

Honda Activa Limited Edition, Booking Period

As the previous line of the article suggests this range of Activa scooters are limited edition and can only be bought for a very short period of time. The Honda Activa limited-period scooters need to be booked as soon as possible. The booking window for the scooter has already opened yesterday, that is on 27th September.

Honda Activa Limited Edition, Variants and Engine Specifications

The limited-edition Honda Activa has two variants- Activa Smart Limited Edition and Activa DLX Limited Edition and both of them have a single-cylinder, BSVI OBD2-compliant PGM-FI, 110cc engine. You can expect the Honda Activa Scooters to generate a power of around 5.77kW and the peak torque output of the scooter is near to 8.90Nm.

Honda Activa Limited Edition, Features and Design Specifications

The all-new Honda Activa limited editions have been updated with an alloy wheel system for the front and the rear. Also, the top variant of the edition, that is the Honda Activa Smart limited edition has got a feature of Honda Specialized Smart Key feature.
Talking about the design specifications you can expect a never before color designs on the limited-edition Honda Scooters. The limited-edition Honda Activa has black chrome finishes as a crucial part of its elements and they have a dark color theme overall.

Honda Activa Limited Edition, Colors and Price

The Honda Activa limited edition has two colors available for the Indian market- Pearl Siren Blue and Matte Steel Black. Both of the scooters have different prices but have a really slightly different pricing. The Honda Activa limited edition Activa DLX is priced at Rs. 80,734 and the Honda Activa limited edition Activa Smart is priced at Rs.82,734 only.

Written By: Akarsh Anant
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