How Does Plug In Hybrid Works? Can It Be The Better Alternative Than Electric Vehicles-Watch Video

During 2023 India Motor Show we saw large range of PHeV's from MG, Toyota and many other car manufacturers. PHeV comes with a mid size battery pack which can be charged externally and you can use battery's energy as and when required and as it get's discharged you can run your car on ICE engine. So there is no range anxiety in PHeV.

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Published On: Nov, 20, 2023 | 07:57 PM

Electric vehicles are becoming trend in India, but they have their own limitations, top of the all is range anxiety. We Indians are not very much sure about this new technology since it requires lot of charging infrastructure and an open mind set. But there is one more EV technology which will not be just cheaper also very viable in a large land like India. This is called PHeV. Plug in hybrid is something which almost every Indian auto buyer is eyeing on, in PHeV you can run your vehicle on ICE and battery as and when required. Watch this video to know more.