Hyundai Announces 6-Airbags For All Its Cars As A Standard Feature

Hyundai has taken a great step towards ensuring safety of its customers. The company has announced its plan to introduce a 6-airbag package for all its cars across all the trims, as a standard safety feature. This has made Hyundai the first car maker in India to come up with this feature.

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Updated On: Oct, 3, 2023 | 06:34 PM
Hyundai Announces 6-Airbags For All Its Cars As A Standard Feature

The Global NCAP had bashed a lot of popular cars in India with its brutal safety tests and most of the cars scored poorly in the NCAP test. This test was then rejected by big names in the auto industry and was referred to as a manipulative record. But the customers did start questioning about the safety of their cars from then and finally, India has now rolled down its own New Car Assessment Policy (NCAP) known as Bharat NCAP. After the Bharat NCAP, Hyundai has now announced a new plan for its cars in terms of safety. Read the article to learn more.

6-airbags as a standard feature in all cars: Hyundai

Hyundai Motors India announced on 3rd October,2023 that it will have 6 airbags in all its cars and it will be a standard feature across the different variants of different cars. Mostly, other brands give 2 or 4 airbags in the base variants but Hyundai is now the first car brand in India to provide 6 airbags as its standard safety feature.
It is also good news that the recent Global NCAP conducted the test on Hyundai Verna and the car gained 5 starts in the test, which is a phenomenal achievement for the automobile industry in India as most of the cars have scored 0-3 starts in average.
Hyundai has recently launched the Hyundai Exter which was the first car to come up with the 6-airbag safety package. The car received a lot of appreciation for its various features but got highlighted for this airbag package and gained popularity among automobile critics on a positive note.
Since Hyundai Exter got positive reviews the company has now finally gained the confidence to get all its upcoming cars, which also includes cars that are already in the market and are also under more production.
This act by Hyundai is surely going to inspire other car brands to prioritize the safety of their customers as Hyundai has already raised the safety bar of its cars and set a landmark in the automobile industry of India.

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Written By: Akarsh Anant
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