India’s First Electric Motorcycle Unveiled by Matter at The Auto Expo

The Matter Drive 1.0 propulsion system, which combines an electric motor and a manual gearbox, is included with the New Matter electric motorcycle.
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Updated On: Jan, 18, 2023 | 01:34 PM

Any petrolhead would tell you that e-bikes aren’t true bicycles because true bicycles have gears. The ‘excellent’ pickup of the e-bikes, which are eerily silent, cannot compare to the exhilaration that sends shivers down the spine when revving the throttle after lowering a gear. The Matter Drive from Matter has put an end to that argument. Ahmedabad-based EV company Matter introduced the first manual-gearing electric motorcycle in India at the Auto Expo.  The 5kWh matter Energy 1.0 power pack for the new Matter electric motorcycle includes a battery pack, a battery management system, a drive train unit, power conversion modules, and other safety features. It boasts several unique technologies, including the integrated intelligent thermal management system (IITMS), the first liquid-cooled electric two-wheeler battery pack in India. IITMS uses active liquid cooling technology. Through a single connector, the new Matter electric motorcycle can accommodate both normal and quick charging. The bike can be fully charged in five hours.


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