Lexus Launched the Rx SUV at Auto expo 2023

Lexus is preparing to unveil the 2023 version of its forthcoming RX SUV at the Auto Expo.
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Published On: Jan, 16, 2023 | 10:59 AM

In June of this year, the RX, in its fifth-generation form, was introduced to the world. The RX will be released with two new body styles and a hybrid powertrain that has been modified, as well as unique design aspects. Lexus incorporated the concept of Tazuna when it came to the interior of the car. Tazuna meaning Rain in Japanese. The idea behind it was to give the driver a better sense of the road in a not so technical way. It can be seen in the form of an integrated steering wheel that can control the heads-up display giving the driver a form of freedom that allows him to keep his eyes on the road while changing the relevant settings as needed.


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