Tata Motors Introduces a Number of Buses and Alternative-fuel Vehicles

In this event, the company introduced 14 new models that stand for the future they are creating.
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Published On: Jan, 13, 2023 | 07:30 AM

The company Tata Motors has introduced 14 brand-new futuristic car types. Since the brand wants to attain zero carbon emissions by 2045, all of its vehicles are built using alternative fuel technologies. Digital, energy, and supply chain are the three transformations Tata Motors is concentrating on. The Tata Group and the Indian economy both experience transformation and growth as a result of these shifts. In the categories of natural gas, battery electric, fuel-agnostic, hydrogen cell electric, and hydrogen cell ICE, all of the items have been introduced. The company’s new pickup trucks, the Intra V20 bi-fuel with the new Yodha CNG, are among the new cars. Additionally, both of these vehicles will be able to carry the most payload in their respective sectors.


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