You Must Avoid These Modifications In Car, Legal And Illegal Car Modifications-Watch Video

You can get your car color change legally but you have to get it update on your Car's RC, but in Delhi NCR it is illegal to change vehicle color, also you can tint your car windows but there has to be minimum 70% transparency on side windows and 50% on front and rear windshield.

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Published On: Jan, 5, 2024 | 01:29 PM

Modifying cars has been a trend for a long time. Some people go for cosmetic changes and some enthusiasts get their engines modified. But these modifications are very dangerous and can even send you to jail. According to the Supreme Court of India, it is illegal to modify a car in India, but there are some modifications that you can do legally. What are the stages of modifications? Stage 1, Stage 2 and Stage 3. Some of these make the car beautiful while some cause serious damage to its engine and other important parts. Watch in this video to know more about legal and illegal modifications.