Foundation Application: A Guide for Beginners

Want to get the perfect natural look? Follow these steps and master the art of applying the base foundation correctly and you are good to go.
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Updated On: Jan, 2, 2023 | 11:44 AM

Knowing how to apply foundation in the perfect way is something that takes a lot of experience, time and patience as it involves a lot blending so that your make up settles and lasts you long. Everyone has their own preferences of using the essential make up items that would be easy for them to use and would give them the look that they desire to have. It is important to follow a step by step routine to avoid a cakey and a made-up look. We are here with a proper guide that will enlighten you with a lot of facts and will help you go for the correct items that would be comfortable for you to use. To aim for that perfect, natural and dewy look for your face, follow these steps to the core and get that natural glow effortlessly and easily.


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