Diwali Special Makeup Tutorial: Learn Step-by-Step How to Get Ready for Diwali

Are you looking for a different look for Diwali? If so, you've come to the right place. In this video, you'll learn how to apply flowy makeup for Diwali. Watch the video.

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Published On: Nov, 11, 2023 | 08:19 PM

Makeup Tutorial: Diwali is a festival where people come together, relatives meet, and buy new clothes. This video provides a Diwali makeup tutorial for a stunning look. It starts with a flawless base, then teaches how to create a radiant complexion using an illuminating foundation and highlighter.

The tutorial then moves to the eyes, where it teaches how to create a mesmerising smokey eye using festive shades. It also provides tips on enhancing features with contouring and blush, and concludes with a bold lip colour that complements the outfit. Watch the step-by-step makeup tutorial video.

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