How to Take Care of Acrylic Nail Extensions: Time, Price, And Suggestions—Watch Video

Acrylic nails give a realistic look by using a polish and powder or liquid monomer combination to extend the natural nail.

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Updated On: Mar, 7, 2023 | 07:13 AM

Beauty: How frequently do you touch up your manicure or buff and polish your nails every time one chips off? We understand that it’s challenging to keep your natural nails. For this reason, you might wish to consider stronger and easier-to-care-for nail extensions. Acrylic nails consist of a polish and powder or liquid monomer combination that is spread over the natural nail as an extension to give it an appropriate shape and length. Nail extensions look so pretty and elegant on your nails, but did you know that they can also harm your nail health if your real nails are weak and fragile? Watch the video to learn about the pre-and post-care of your acrylic nail extensions.