Evil Eye Charms And Their Significance With Latest Fashion Trends

Since 3000 BC, evil eye charms have existed. The word "buri nazar"—evil eye—is prevalent in Indian families because it is believed to absorb negativity and protect you from curses. See what evil eye items you can wear to protect yourself in this video. Explore the history of evil eye and which Bollywood and Hollywood stars wear evil eye accessories.

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Published On: Nov, 16, 2023 | 07:10 PM

Evil eye charms have been with us since the ancient times since 3000 BC. Evil eye which is also known as “buri nazar” is a quite popular term and it became famous in the Indian households because it is said to believe that if you wear an evil eye then it will absorb all the negativity and protect you from getting cursed.

Watch this video to know the types of evil eye accessories you can wear to guard yourself. Get to know about the origin and history of evil eye along with which Bollywood and Hollywood celebrities are known to carry evil eye accessories.

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