Get ready for wedding season: styling tips to restyle your wedding lehenga

Making the most of your wardrobe and reducing trash are two wonderful reasons to recycle your lehenga. Here are several ideas to help you recycle your lehenga, whether you want to use it for DIY crafts, give it to someone else, or use it for another occasion:

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Published On: Sep, 20, 2023 | 09:35 PM
Get ready for wedding season: styling tips to restyle your wedding lehenga

Fashion Tips: Every bride in India must own the timeless Lehenga ensemble. What do you do with your wedding lehenga, though, after the wedding? Yours can be used in a variety of ways, so don’t keep it in your closet. This is a good idea for anyone who wants to purchase this ethnic item for a friend’s or family member’s wedding, not just the bride. It’s strange how we often say or think, “Yeah, but I can reuse this later also,” to justify the cost of the wedding lehenga, but never actually do it! After the wedding, the formerly extremely valuable lehenga was abandoned, anticipating that “one day” it would be worn again! So, here are five hassle-free, brand-new ways to wear that lehenga again!

Tips to Restyle Your Wedding Lehenga

Do you also want to restyle the lehenga that you were able to wear only once? Well, here is a guide.

Convert it into Anarkali.

Anarkali suits can also be made to resemble lehengas. This method of altering your bridal lehenga is different and appealing. Simply match your choli to the lehenga to obtain this floor-length Anarkali design. Make it an empire-line Anarkali suit by adding some embroidery at the waist. Dress accordingly in various traditional rituals, put on eye-catching cosmetics, and hold your hair back in a sleek bun to finish your look.

Style with different draping

if you enjoy wearing your wedding lehenga dress repeatedly. Consider mixing up the style of your dupatta to break up the monotony of your lehenga ensemble. This will alter how you style it and provide you with alternative outfit possibilities. One method is to tuck your dupatta inside your lehenga choli while wearing a metallic belt. You may enjoy a Sangeet celebration with this ensemble with ease.

Pair with a plain lehenga

Stick with one hue or wholly unrelated pieces of clothing to create a stunning contrast. The appearance of bridal lehengas is often rich and lavish. Typically, the choli is bright and highly embroidered. Put on your wedding blouse with a softer, more casual skirt. You may wear this to a party or a friend’s wedding and yet look fashionable and put-together. You may further enhance the appearance of your straightforward lehenga by adding matching stitching at the hem.

Add Elements

You can add elements like sunglasses, blazers, or jewelry to elevate your attire and give it a twist. Who said you had to dress in your full lehenga ensemble every time? Play around with the possibilities, and you might find something you like! Wear the skirt with a long kurta or accessorize with a leather jacket!

Sleeveless Choli

Another way to stand out and reuse your bridal lehenga choli is to wear a sleeveless choli. Take off the sleeves from your choli to show off your gorgeous, well-toned arms. You will also receive a new style for your wedding lehenga. For summertime events and a cousin’s wedding, try this look. Enjoy this beautiful concept on how to reuse your bridal lehenga, as it has a sexy appearance.

With these fashion tips, you can now restyle your lehenga and create a new look fashionably. Do try out these suggestions and let us know how you like them.

Written by: Anshika Gugnani

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