Grass Jewellery That Is Handmade And Eco Friendly

Eco-friendly grass jewellery! This handmade jewelry takes hours or days to create. Grasses jewellery is non-corroding and uses natural colors. Water and sunlight don't damage it, and the jewellery's colors don't fade.

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Published On: Nov, 24, 2023 | 05:29 PM

Eco friendly jewellery that is made of Grass! This jewellery is handmade and takes hours to make and sometimes even day. Grass jewellery also uses natural colours and it does not corrode. It can be washed in water and sunlight doesn’t harm it either most importantly the colours on this jewellery do not fade.

Watch this video to know how grass jewellery can be an efficient way to save the environment and also styling yourself. You’ll get to see lots of variety too such as grass bangles, grass chappati case, grass earrings, grass pots and much more. Check it out now!

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