Kalamkari Hand-painted Sarees: What Makes Kalamkari Art So Special?—Watch Video

Hand-painted sarees were highly sought after in the early 19th Century as they were unique pieces of art that expressed an individual's personal style.
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Published On: Feb, 23, 2023 | 11:17 AM

Kalamkari Hand-painted Sarees: For centuries, sarees have been an integral part of Indian culture and fashion. Today, the traditional art of coloring and designing sarees has been given a modern twist by blending the use of natural dyes extracted from food items with vibrant synthetic colors. If you love sarees, you absolutely must have some of the hand-painted sarees we show you in this video in your wardrobe. Natural color is extracted from food items such as vegetables and foods. With the help of these natural colors, artisans can create mesmerizing designs to decorate sarees. They are available in various patterns and fabric varieties, from crepe to Tussar silk. In this video, we display a variety of hand-painted sarees that you really must have in your closet.