‘Looking Like a Wow’ Jasmeen Kaur Becomes an Internet Sensation-Watch Video

Trends9 interviewed Jasmeen Kaur, owner of Design Machine Suits Live, who has gained popularity for her unique vocabulary and unique color presentations. Watch the video.

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Published On: Nov, 11, 2023 | 08:17 PM

Trends9 had a special conversation with Jasmeen Kaur, who came into the limelight with “Looking like a wow“! Jasmine, owner of Design Machine Suits Live, has been in the fashion and design industry for the last 18 years and loves designing different clothes for her audience. For the past 3 years, she has come live every day and shows suits and co-ord sets in her own way, and people are liking her different way of saying colours like laddu yellow, mouse colour, and keelji lor.

Jasmeen also said that she is getting a very good response from people. She believes that her unique vocabulary adds a touch of fun and creativity to her presentations, making her stand out from other fashion influencers. With her growing popularity, Jasmine hopes to expand her brand and collaborate with other designers to bring even more innovative and exciting fashion choices to her loyal followers. Watch the video.

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