Style Your Dupatta On Lehenga This Way On Your Wedding Day!

Ifdupatta is the focus of your lehenga, it can makeyourwhole outfit shine. You can stylea dupatta eight ways to highlight your lehenga on your wedding day! This video shows how to drape your dupatta on a lehenga so it looks elegant.

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Published On: Jan, 3, 2024 | 05:14 PM

Dupatta aka scarf plays an important role in making your outfit shine especially if your dupatta is the focus of your lehenga. You can style a dupatta in ways which brings the best out of your lehenga on your wedding day and not just in one way but in 8 ways!

Watch this video to know how you can style your dupatta on your lehenga so that it looks beautiful and classy. In addition, also get to know about the traditional Indian draping methods, which method Sikh brides use, how royals used to drape their dupatta and what’s the most common draping method that women use.

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