A Hidden Gem for All Chai Lovers

Having a cup of chai is some serious business in India, therefore the drink plays an integral role in everyday life.
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Published On: Jan, 23, 2023 | 07:43 AM

Most of us begin and end our days with a steaming cup of chai. It’s not wrong to say that hundreds of cups of tea are consumed daily in India by everyone because it is one thing that gets everyone together. To keep your energy levels up throughout the day no matter what the season is, a “garam chai ki pyali” is just what you need. Chai is an emotion that is felt by everyone and is something that fixes everything in a moment. Be it in a workplace, a chai break is what we all look forward to, or to meet a friend and get the ‘tea’ or just by simply enjoying a cup of tea by yourself, chai is the solution to all your problems, quite literally! For all the chai lovers out there, this place is a whole vibe in itself, located in purani dilli will definitely give you the feels. Do yourself a favour and experience the best chai in town, served here!

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