Celebrate Lohri with These Scrumptious Chocolate Chikkis and Gur Makhanas

Starting with Lohri being the first festival of the year, we are here to add a different touch to it for you, with this unique recipe for Chocolate Chikki and Gur Makhanas.

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Updated On: Jan, 11, 2023 | 06:20 AM

Lohri is a harvest festival that takes place in early January. The festival is a time of immense happiness and celebration in the Punjab area of northern India. At this time of year, friends and family gather around a bonfire to share in the night’s festivities and enjoy the warmth of having their near and dear ones around. But no celebration would be complete without munching on chikkis and makhane. We’ve got a recipe that will set this lohri apart from the rest. The delicious and nutritious Chocolate Chikkis and Gur Makhane are a wonderful addition to this year’s Lohri celebration. The chocolate chikkis and Gur Makhane will be an absolute delight for all to snack on as it is delicious and is definitely a healthy way to celebrate Lohri this year.

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