Echoes Café: The Only Cafe in Town Run by The Deaf and Mute

In a step towards a worthy cause of equal opportunity, the Echoes café has people with hearing and speech impairments which makes it stand out.
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Published On: Feb, 6, 2023 | 09:22 AM

Echoes is a restaurant that can be found tucked away on the lively area of Hudson Lane, close to the north campus of Delhi University. It is not just a regular café, rather, it is much more than that. The towering building with gorgeous huge windows, flowy drapes, old chairs, brick walls, and innumerable frames are very welcoming and of course it makes it a very instagrammable place. Echoes is able to differentiate itself from the competition not only by the environment that they have but by offering a menu that tantalises the palate and a concept that warms the heart. In its best efforts to subvert stereotypes, Echoes is a unique café and knows how to stand out in a crowd. We were unable to stop ourselves from going here and enjoying the deliciously full and perfectly prepared food.


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