Enjoy Your Lohri with These Special Gajjak & Revdis

Let us start with our lohri celebrations with the basics, gajjak and revdi that will keep us warm throughout the festivities.
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Published On: Jan, 13, 2023 | 11:14 AM

With the Delhi winters creeping in and since we are left with no choice but to binge on snacks that are warming and give instant energy to our bodies, gajjak and revdis are something that can never be replaced.  Also, with Lohri just around the corner, we have yet another reason to shop for this popular winter snack that will not only complete our Lohri, but will also keep us covered for the whole of winter season. Here is the best place in Chandni Chowk that is known for selling good quality, crisp and a wide variety of gajjak. This place is the best for all the gajjak lovers out there should definitely head here to shop for your winter snack essentials.


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