Exotic Vietnamese Eggplant Recipe

With the fixated opinion of an eggplant in mind, this recipe can change your perception about it and can become your favourite dish as well.
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Updated On: Dec, 12, 2022 | 10:21 AM

The Vietnamese Eggplant is an Asian healthy dish which is cooked in a way that makes it a unique dish. Although, it is a time-consuming dish to make but also feels very effortless to cook if one has all the required and essential ingredients. One would enjoy making this because of its appetizing and mouth-watering result. Its crispiness and the contrast in taste with crushed peanuts seasoned on top give it a typical Asian taste which is the closest you can get to and makes it a whole meal in itself. Its savoury, tender, delicate flavour would leave you asking for more and easily makes it a go to and a comfort food for all times.



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