Galouti Kebab to Nalli Nihari, Get Authentic Lucknowi Dasterkhan Now in Delhi – Watch Video

In this video indulge in the flavoursome Nalli Nihari, Galouti Kebab, Awadhi Chicken Biryani. To have awadhi food experience in Delhi, watch full video.

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Updated On: Sep, 20, 2023 | 01:44 PM

LUCKNOW FOOD: If you’re seeking the authentic flavours of Lucknowi cuisine in Delhi, a culinary journey to savor Galouti Kebab and Nalli Nihari is a must. Head to “Lucknowi Dasterkhan” located Crowne Plaza, Mayur Vihar, New Delhi. Here, you’ll experience the essence of Awadhi cuisine, renowned for its rich flavours and delicate spices.

Start your gastronomic adventure with the legendary Galouti Kebab, an exquisite delight known for its melt-in-mouth texture and aromatic blend of spices. The minced meat, marinated in a symphony of spices, is a true embodiment of Lucknow’s culinary heritage.

Additionally, indulge in the flavoursome Nalli Nihari, a slow-cooked stew of tender marrow, brimming with the essence of spices. The succulent meat is cooked to perfection, allowing the spices to infuse and create a rich, hearty gravy.

“Lucknowi Dasterkhan” promises a traditional Lucknowi feast, transporting you to the streets of Lucknow with each delectable bite, a genuine taste of Awadhi culture right here in Delhi.