Make KFC-style Chicken At Your Home, Try This Easy Recipe

This quick recipe for KFC-style fried chicken at home is sure to please fried chicken fans!
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Published On: Feb, 21, 2023 | 07:52 AM

Food: Fried chicken is a common menu item at many different eateries. There is a small trend for popular restaurants like KFC that can soothe the cravings of fried chicken lovers in a variety of settings and price ranges. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t make fried chicken at home. For those who desire the crunchy exterior that gives way to the juicy, tender interior with all of the flavor and texture we have taken a liking to, it is surely worthwhile to make the effort. To help you make crispy, juicy chicken that will make KFC’s bland in comparison, we’ll walk you through every step of this recipe for fried chicken. The recipe is in the video.