Best Place To Have A Cup Of Hot Tea In Delhi: Every Chai-lover Must Visit This Place—Watch Video

Located in the heart of Delhi, MBA Chai Wala serves up a variety of delicious and unique tea blends that you won't find anywhere else
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Updated On: Feb, 24, 2023 | 08:48 AM

Food: Who doesn’t enjoy tea, whether it’s winter or summer, someone is visiting, or a serious debate is taking place? The most popular beverage in India, tea, is one thing that manages to fit in just about anywhere. It is the pride of every Indian street and home. Therefore, the fact that selling tea has now grown to be a billion-dollar industry is a good indicator of how popular tea is. In this industry, MBA Chai Wala is a well-known brand. At Kamla Nagar, Delhi, a tea store by the name of MBA Chai Wala will wow you with the beauty and sweetness of tea. An wonderful cup of tea may be had here for anything between Rs 20 and Rs 100 each glass, depending on your budget. This MBA Chai Wala in Kamla Nagar may be a great choice for you if you enjoy tea as much as your buddy does and want to take them out for tea.