One of the Greatest – Prabhu Chaat Bhandar

Delhi’s history can be traced through its food and those special places which let us see back in time deserve the title of legendary.
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Published On: Dec, 14, 2022 | 02:30 PM

Call it street food, desi fast food or whatever pops up in your mind, it will never change the way how a good fistful of grub makes you feel especially when it is as light and tangy as the food from a chaat bhandar. Prabhu Chaat Bhandar holds a unique legacy as one of the only spots in the country which has seen every civil services officer outside of the UPSC itself. A perfect mix of power and taste might be the reason why it has stood its ground since 1935. Serving the best of Delhi’s delicacies, this place is one for the legends.


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