Pongal Special: Try The Special Traditional Pongal Thali Here!

It's time to switch out your plates for banana leaves and enjoy some authentic South Indian flavours.
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Published On: Jan, 16, 2023 | 09:40 AM

Zambar, known for its flavorful seaside fare, prepared a lavish Pongal feast. This will for sure transport you away from the bustle of the capital with its traditional Pongal décor, vibrant rangoli, and sugarcane panels. Start off your experience with some fresh coconut water and let yourself to wander through the coastal towns smelling like a festive delight! The special Pongal thali consists of 25 dishes in one thali and this meal is a perfect medley of delectable south flavours that will fill you and leave you with a sense of wholesomeness. Visit this place to discover the various flavors of South, it is the best you’ll experience.


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