Sunny Leone Reveals Her Favourite Food, Drinks, Beauty Products, Travel Experiences – Watch Video

In a candid interview with Trends9, Sunny Leone unveils her favourite food, drinks, beauty products, and travel experiences. She delves into her restaurant venture, Chica Loca, sharing insights into its inception.

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Published On: Jan, 22, 2024 | 08:00 PM

VIDEO: In an insightful interview with Trend9, Sunny Leone opened up about her diverse ventures. The inspiration behind her foray into the restaurant business, Chica Loca, stems from her love for varied cuisines, reflecting her taste and style.

Must-try dishes and signature drinks at Chica Loca by Sunny Leone. She discussed pioneering the creation of her AI avatar, driven by a fascination with technology. As a style icon, Sunny shared beauty tips and advice for fans. Sunny briefly touched on her makeup routine, lifestyle changes, memorable first experiences, and her preference for beaches over mountains in travel.