The Fascinating History and Origins of the Potatoes

Believe it or not, but potatoes actually hold a lot of value than any other vegetable. Here are some facts that will convince you that potatoes are not only a game changer but also something that no dish is complete without.
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Published On: Jan, 31, 2023 | 02:44 PM

There is a tremendous demand for potatoes from North India to South India. If you see around, there will hardly be any house where potatoes are not used. It’s actually a kind of a go to vegetable that can be made in any way and still would be substantial enough to satisfy our hunger strike. But do you know that potato is not an Indian vegetable? Today we will tell you about the history and some fun facts that will literally leave you thinking about a simple vegetable like potato. Whether it’s the samosa filled with masala aaloo or the chatpata aaloo chaat had along with chutneys, the story behind the origin of potatoes is so interesting that it might bring about a sense of respect to how we have come up with so many snacks made with love and of course, potatoes.


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