The Legendary – Bhogal Ke Chole Bhature

A plate of hot and spicy chole with crispy, fluffy bhature can't possibly go wrong. This is the best location in town for chole bhature, so check it out if you want to enjoy the tangy and flavorful delight.
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Published On: Jan, 18, 2023 | 08:27 AM

Chole bhature and Delhites go hand in hand. It is the proper Sunday brunch in the city, to put it another way. You can always stop by to taste Bhoghal’s lip-smacking chole bhature while strolling through Connaught Place. It is one of Delhi’s most renowned restaurants. The flavours that were used here were all created by the people that used them. Both amount and quality are sufficient and satisfying. Even while chole bhature is a complete dinner in itself, it is incomplete without a glass of lassi. Try out some unique lassi flavours, such as the paan and blackcurrant lassi, to finish your meal on a sweet note. So, this location ought to be your first choice if you want to spend your Sunday feasting away on mouthwatering chole bhature.


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