Traditional Bengali Thali- Discover the Flavours of Bengal

There is no secret that Bengali dishes are loaded with deliciousness and richness in each and every ingredient put in it with love.

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Updated On: Jan, 26, 2023 | 06:02 AM

Since there is such a wide variety of restaurants in India, amongst all, we got to experience some authentic Bengali cuisine. As soon as we learned that there was more to Bengali food than rasgulla and sandesh, we devoured everything on the table. Besides the staples, the vegetarian and non-vegetarian foods that make up the Bengali culinary canon are equally extensive. The unique and flavorful chutneys are served with rice, and without them, none of the dishes would be complete. We sampled as much as possible, fell in love, and polished of all the specialties of Bengal. Radisson Blu has created a traditional Bengali thali that will instantly transport you to Bengal if you have a wide palate and want to try some authentic Bengali fare.


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