Ultimate Winter Snack Combination: Kulhad Dood with Jalebi

One just can’t simply refuse kesar waala doodh and jalebi to munch with it in this biting winter. People of all ages can’t resist the melt in the mouth combination as this dish really defines what soothing really means.
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Published On: Feb, 3, 2023 | 10:06 AM

During the winter season, everyone has a craving for doodh jalebis. This ideal combination is still everyone’s favourite, even when it comes to all the functions that take place, there is a separate section solely dedicated to this combination absolutely loved by everyone. If you are also one of the many people who religiously go to a local Halwai and ask for this ultimate combination, just know that you are not alone in doing so. To put it in simple terms, this mind-blowing combination has been our favourite ever since it was discovered by that legend who came up with this idea and of course, one could say that Doodh Jalebi also helps people stay warm during the harsh winter months, so what else can one ask for?



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