Your Neighborhood Samosa-Wala

There is no reason to ever say no to a samosa no matter the time, place or if someone's on a diet.
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Updated On: Dec, 13, 2022 | 12:04 PM

One big warm chunk of perfectly fried heaven is just what you might need to make your day perfect. Everyone has their spot when it comes to street food which only makes the conversation all the more interesting. Some savor the texture, for some it’s the burst of flavor that leaves a tingling sweet and sour taste when had along with coriander or tamarind sauce and for some it’s all about samosa being their favorite snack to binge on. This is the go to snack that works the best for all kinds of occasions and is the perfect choice for doing justice to our taste buds. For every worker, evenings are for socializing with their peers and an empty hand is just an excuse to go after a warm piece of samosa, combined with a hot cup of tea to end your day on a good note.  Visit this stall to enjoy the best samosas ever.


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