Digital Influencer Prashant Rawat’s Social Superstar Journey and Tips for Upcoming Influencers – Watch Video

In this video social media influencer Prashant Rawat has shared his journey of how he became an influencer, current industry trends and tips for upcoming influencers for becoming the next social superstar.

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Published On: Dec, 2, 2023 | 09:00 AM

VIDEO: In a candid interview, lifestyle and travel digital influencer Prashant Rawat shared his journey of becoming a social media creator. Prashant shared that one should never copy the content to be in this influencer industry. He also shared that create their own style of content instead of following trends blindly. As for travel, fashion, and lifestyle industry trends, he shared that video quality and content are the keys to stardom. Prashantalso shared advice for budding influencers on how they should start their journey towards becoming the next social superstar.