Special Education For Children With Special Needs! Here’s How This Learning School Helps

An initiative to take care of special kids led Prassanta and Deepshikha to open the Learning School to educate children with special needs.
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Updated On: Mar, 3, 2023 | 11:12 AM

An initiative to take care of special kids, Prassanta and Deepshikha opened the Learning School, a school engaged with educating children with special needs. Feet Me Up helps these kids become economically self-sufficient through hand-painting shoes and accessories and teaching them how to cook and be a little master chef in their own right. It was founded in 2018 by physiotherapist Dr Deepshikha Manocha (DM) and Psychologist Prasannta Arora (PA). In this video, the kids are live cooking pasta and lemonade, and they are uniquely abled kids, which made us even happier and more excited to enjoy shooting with them. Feet Me Up Kids made sure we would enjoy the cooking as well as taste it while interacting. In this fun loving way, Feet Me Up NGO is encouraging them to become self sufficient.