The Wonder Carnival – Nostalgic in all the Right Ways

Winter Carnivals or better known by us as Melas are the quintessential elements of entertainment that we have enjoyed since our childhoods.
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Updated On: Dec, 26, 2022 | 10:59 AM

None of us can ever deny the fact that we haven’t cried over something that we wanted to do or buy in a mela that our parents had a reason for which never made sense to us. Let it be the food that was the same in every single place or the games that somehow made us feel nostalgic yet none of us had ever managed to win them all or even the main attractions which had a certain unique element to them which gave you the sign that yes it hasn’t changed. The Wonder Carnival has all of these elements in the exact same way as you remember them and maybe a bit better for the ones who had different experiences when it came to food, shopping, games, food, rides and most importantly that sense of you being there and once again letting you feel that comfort of being a child.