A Laptop that redefines what it’s all about

ASUS has brought us the device which makes the future seem outdated now.

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Updated On: Dec, 12, 2022 | 11:57 AM

ASUS’ new Zenbook Fold has completely changed the way we look at our personal devices as this gadget just seems to bring everything together into one. Considering the fact that it can be used as both a laptop and tablet and when we say tablet we mean a gigantic 17 inch foldable touchscreen and the best part? It’s OLED. The specs are as expected in a device like this and it just means one thing, raw performance. No matter what use you put it to and in whatever way you may use it it performs exceptionally well and the cherry on top is it’s support for Dolby VIsion which added with an OLED display gives you a screen that makes you realize where we truly stand in terms of evolution. Leaving nothing to chance and putting in only the best of what’s out there, ASUS has pushed the boundary with its futuristic laptop.


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