iPhone 15 Ultra : This Is How It Is Likely to Be | Leaks!

Time doesn’t stop for anyone and if you’re a tech geek then you might already be on the lookout for the next stage.

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Updated On: Dec, 14, 2022 | 07:48 AM

iPhone, a name that gets our attention no matter where we might be is considered to be the industry standard making it the hottest product on the market. With iPhone 14 now available, all eyes are now on Apple and what it might bring us during its next event. LeaksApplePro has revealed that Apple’s widely leaked new flagship, the iPhone 15 Ultra, “will cost substantially more to manufacture than the iPhone 14 Pro Max” and with Apple the more the merrier. Changes are bound to happen and the leaks only prove that those changes are good. Almost everything that you can see on the device is getting a much needed upgrade. Its high-end version, the “Ultra”, is rumored to carry Apple’s in-house SoC, the “M1”, and we expect it to be nothing but the best as its previous versions are still placed in the top 1% of every single benchmark test.


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