Elista Launches a Trio of Powerful Speakers with Multi-colour LED Lights and Wireless mic

Elista, a leading Indian electronics producer, introduces its latest 'Made in India' Bluetooth-enabled speakers, priced between Rs 5,999 and Rs 12,999. These speakers offer an immersive audio experience with strong subwoofers and tweeters. Read the article for more detailed information.

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Updated On: Aug, 4, 2023 | 02:04 PM
Elista Launches a Trio of Powerful Speakers with Multi-colour LED Lights and Wireless mic

Technology: Elista, one of the premier producer of electronics, home appliances, IT, and mobile accessories in India, announces the release of its newest line of Bluetooth-enabled speakers for music lovers. These portable “Made in India” Single Tower speakers cost between Rs 5,999 and Rs 12,999. These speakers feature the ideal ratio of strong subwoofers and tweeters to produce an engrossing and captivating audio experience.

Elista’s brand-new wireless single trolley speakers provide a premium indoor and outdoor entertainment experience. With three different power output ratings, each speaker delivers unmatched audio performance and thunderous bass.

Speaking on the launch “Elista aims to expand its presence in key segments by launching three modern speakers. These affordable speakers are expected to appeal to a wider consumer base, making them ideal for music enthusiasts seeking a budget-friendly studio experience. The modern features and affordable price points make Elista a valuable choice for those seeking a versatile studio experience.” said Mr Pawan Kumar, CEO of Elista.

ELS T-5000 Blast TUFB

The ELS T-5000 Blast is a portable audio powerhouse with an 8″ x 2 subwoofer and 1x tweeter, producing a combined power output of 20W + 20W (40W). A 10-meter range and Bluetooth v5.0 technology make wireless connectivity simple. For up to 3 hours at 75% volume, the 5200mAh rechargeable battery guarantees uninterrupted music playback. The Wireless MIC (VHF) with MIC Volume & Echo Level Control makes interactive fun and karaoke more enjoyable. The 7-segment LED display, rotary volume controls, full-function remote handset, and phone holder offer user-friendly control and convenience.

MRP: Rs 11999/-


The ELS T-5000 TUFB Single Trolley Computer Speaker, which boasts a power output of 15W x 2 (30W), amplified by an 8″ x 2 dynamic subwoofer and 1x tweeter, provides an impressive audio experience. Its Bluetooth v5.0 technology allows for smooth wireless music streaming over a 10 metre range. Users can enjoy their favourite music for up to 3 hours at 75% volume thanks to the 5200mAh rechargeable battery. The speaker comes equipped with a Wireless MIC (VHF) with MIC Volume & Echo Level Control for interactive karaoke sessions, upping the entertainment value. The speaker features a full-featured remote handset, a mobile phone holder, and a 7 Segment LED display for maximum convenience.

MRP: Rs 9999/-


The ELS T-6200, representing the pinnacle of audio quality, unleashes an astounding power output of 30W x 2 (60W) through its dual 10″ subwoofers and 1x tweeter. With all types of audio input, the audio is tuned to deliver resonant bass, crisp treble, and unparalleled clarity. The wireless range of the Bluetooth v5.0 and UHF-enabled display extends up to 35 metres, making it possible to stream music without interruption from a distance. With the volume at 75%, the 4400mAh rechargeable battery allows for longer playtime of up to 3 hours.

MRP: Rs 16999/-

To karaoke performances at indoor and outdoor parties, the Wireless MIC (VHF) with MIC Volume & Echo Level Control brings a professional touch. It is simple to use and offers excellent sound customization thanks to the analogue volume, bass, and treble controls, 7 Segment LED Display, and phone holder.

The new line of single trolley speakers will be sold via Elista’s extensive retail network, which includes more than 10,000 locations.

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