Google TV Launch For The Highly Anticipated Acer G Series! Here’re The Features

Indkal Technologies has introduced the Acer G Series Google TV line-up offering an immersive experience with its large screen size and advanced picture quality.

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Published On: Nov, 19, 2023 | 09:12 PM
Google TV Launch For The Highly Anticipated Acer G Series! Here’re The Features

Technology: Indkal Technologies unveiled the Acer G Series Google TV line-up, which includes the 32″ HD-Ready TV and 65″ Ultra High Definition TV models. The Acer G Series Google TVs offers a range of cutting-edge technology and immersive audio-visual experiences. The G Series ranges in size from 32″ HD-Ready TVs to 65″ Ultra High Definition TVs, ensuring every consumer can find a television that meets their needs, providing an unparalleled cinematic experience in the comfort of their home.

There is nothing short of extraordinary about the Acer G Series televisions:

Dolby Atmos: Dolby Atmos audio provides immersive, three-dimensional sound for a unique viewing experience, enhancing your enjoyment of movies, sports events, or gaming sessions, ensuring you feel right in the action.

MEMC (Motion Estimation, Motion Compensation):Acer’s G Series televisions feature MEMC technology, eliminating motion blur and ghosting, ensuring smooth and crystal-clear motion in fast-paced scenes.

Wide Colour Gamut:The G Series offers a captivating palette of over 1 billion vivid colours, capturing your senses with their true-to-life quality.

Super Brightness & Black Level Augmentation: Experience exceptional brightness and deep black levels, enhancing the overall viewing experience with stunning contrast.

HDR10 and HLG Support: The G Series, featuring HDR10 encoding and HLG support, provides exceptional High Dynamic Range content from both OTT platforms and broadcast channels to consumers.

High Fidelity Audio: The televisions feature high-fidelity speakers with 24W output and Dolby Atmos encoding for a cinematic audio experience, enhancing the comfort of home cinematography.

The G Series boasts an advanced ARM CORTEX A55 CPU, 2GB of RAM, and 16GB of storage, providing a seamless audiovisual experience with responsive performance for all entertainment needs. Additionally, the G Series televisions are equipped with an AI-powered upscaling technology that enhances the picture quality of non-HDR content, bringing out the details and colours in a more vibrant and lifelike manner.

“Acer is introducing the G Series, a 100% Indian-manufactured product designed for the general trade channel,” said Mr Anand Dubey, CEO of Indkal Technologies Pvt Ltd, expressing his delight about the new G Series televisions.

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