How Does Bluetooth Hacking Work?

As wireless technology offers speed, flexibility, and network effectiveness, its demand is rising. However, due to Bluetooth hacking, these Bluetooth gadgets are now open to cyberattack.
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Published On: Jan, 23, 2023 | 01:46 PM

The dependence on wired communication is decreasing as smartphones and other gadgets adopt the newest innovations and technologies. The majority of devices today rely on Bluetooth’s wireless communication to establish connections. However, as a result of this, Bluetooth connection-based cyberattacks known as Bluebugging are becoming more common. Hackers that use Bluetooth hacking are also known as Bluebugging or Bluejacking, get access to devices with discoverable Bluetooth connections. They can connect their device to the victim’s laptop or phone, steal confidential information, and take complete control of the device without the victim’s knowledge. We are here to enlighten you on how you can prevent and protect yourself from being hacked. Follow these tips to the tee and stay safe.


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