IMC 2023: Mediatek Processors To Make Cars And Bikes Smart, New Tech Unveiled For Auto Industry-Watch Video

India Mobile Congress 2023 have been all about 5G Technology. Mediatek also showcased some new use case of these chipsets in auto mobile industry for smart and autonomous vehicles.

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Updated On: Oct, 31, 2023 | 02:51 PM

At India Mobile Congress 2023, one of the finest chipset manufacturer Mediatek showcased upcoming technology based on Mediatek Dimensity Processors. This new line up will be used for autonomous cars and electric two wheelers. Other than this Mediatek also showed up the products at India Mobile Congress which runs on Mediatak Dimensity Processor. As demand of the electric vehicles are increasing day by day Mediatek is focusing of developing chipsets for smart and autonomous vehicles. What all was there in the pavilion of Mediatek at India Mobile Congress 2023, watch in this video.

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