Looking For A New Smartphone Under Rs.20,000/- : Look No Further !

Buying the right phone is something that seems like a monumental task once you see the entire range of what’s available in the market. Which one makes sense?

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Updated On: Dec, 14, 2022 | 07:46 AM

The most important factor which pops up in all our minds the instant we tend to think about something like this is affordability. Although shelling out some extra bucks might get you something “cool”, it doesn’t make much sense for the ordinary consumer who’s looking for something that ticks off all the boxes without burning a hole in their pockets. Within this would be the gaming “noob” who’s looking for something that gives them the extra edge, the artist who is looking for their next best shot and the minimalist who just wants to stay connected. By considering only the relevant factors, these 3 devices show enough potential to be your next handy piece of equipment.


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