Punjabi Folk Music: Over the Years, These Instruments Have Raised the Prestige of Punjabi Music – Watch Video

Punjabi Bhangra, a popular folk song in India, is accompanied by traditional instruments like Kato, Dhad, Khunda, and Sarangi, which contribute to the soulful and energetic nature of the music.

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Published On: Sep, 18, 2023 | 07:06 PM

Punjabi Bhangra is one of the most favourite folk music of India. For hundreds of years, Punjabi songs and dances have played an important role in preserving the cultural splendour of India. The most special part of this are these Punjabi folk musicians and the instruments they use. Which includes Kato, Dhad, Khunda, and Sarangi. These traditional instruments add a unique and soulful touch to Punjabi Bhangra music.

The Kato, a wooden percussion instrument, produces rhythmic beats that set the pace for the energetic dance moves. The Dhad, a large drum made of wood and goatskin, creates a powerful and resonant sound that adds depth to the music. The Khunda, a pair of wooden or metal clappers, adds a crisp and vibrant sound to the overall composition. Lastly, the Sarangi, a string instrument played with a bow, adds melodic and emotive tones to the music, captivating listeners with its soul-stirring notes. Together, these instruments form the backbone of Punjabi Bhangra, keeping the cultural heritage of India alive through.

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