Telangana Tour And Travels; Things to do, Destinations, Local Cuisine Watch Video

In this video we have shared all details for your next trip to Telangana. How to Travel to Telangana to the best places to visit and the local food that you must eat.

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Published On: Dec, 4, 2023 | 08:35 PM

VIDEO: Telangana, India’s youngest state, beckons travelers with a kaleidoscope of natural and cultural wonders. Serene lakes, lush woods, and rocky landscapes provide a picturesque backdrop, complemented by elaborately carved temples and magnificent forts showcasing Hindu, Pathan, and Persian architectural influences. The iconic Charminar and historic Golconda Fort unveil the state’s rich heritage. Ramoji Film City immerses visitors in Tollywood glamour, while Basara offers a spiritual retreat. Indulge in authentic Hyderabadi cuisine, explore the bustling IT hub, and admire local handicrafts. With excellent air and railway connectivity, Telangana seamlessly welcomes adventurers to its diverse landscapes and vibrant cultural tapestry.