Favourite Foods And Secret Diet Of Dulquer Salmaan


19th September 2023

Author : Palak

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Biryani is the favourite dish of Dulquer Salmaan. He loves biryani a lot and can eat it every day. 

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Credit: freepik


He starts his day with a cup of coffee. Coffees are refreshing and can energise you very quick. You can give a try to coffee. 

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Credit: freepik


For breakfast, he like to have eggs, avocado, and idli. All these dishes are delicious and healthy that you can give a try. 

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Before And After Workout

Dulquer consume bananas for the pre-workout meal and protein shake for the post-workout meal. 

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Pathiri is his one of the favourite Malayali dish. It is a pancake made of rice flour and is very famous in Kerala cuisine. 


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Lunch And Dinner

He assure that his lunch should be a good mix of healthy fat and carbs, although he avoids eating in between works. 

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