Sweets You Can Make On Ganesh Chaturthi At Home To Enjoy This Celebration

Author: Sejal Soni Date: 18th September 2023 

Credits: Google

Modak is considered Lord Ganesha's favorite sweet. It is a steamed or fried dumpling filled with sweet coconut and jaggery filling.


Besan ladoos are made by roasting gram flour with ghee then shaping it into round balls after adding sugar and nuts.

Besan Ladoo

Coconut ladoos are quick and easy to make. They consist of grated coconut and condensed milk, rolled into small round balls.

Coconut Ladoo

Kaju katli is a popular Indian sweet made from cashew nuts and sugar. It is often flavored with cardamom and garnished with silver leaf.

Kaju Katli

Peda is a milk-based sweet that can be flavored with cardamom or saffron. It is shaped into small, flat and round pieces.


Rava kesari is a semolina-based dessert flavored with saffron and cardamom. It's often garnished with roasted nuts.

Rava Kesari

Gulab jamun is a deep-fried dumpling made from milk powder or khoya. It is soaked in sugar syrup and flavored with rose water or cardamom.

Gulab Jamun

There are various types of barfi, including plain, besan and coconut barfi. These are dense, fudge-like sweets made from condensed milk and various flavorings.


Malai peda is a creamy and rich version of peda made with condensed milk and flavored with saffron and cardamom.

Malai Peda

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