Top 10 Google Hidden Features You Should Definitely Know

18th September,2023

Author: Toshi Tiwari

Credit:  Google

This feature allows you to project a Chrome tab or your entire desktop to a different screen, such as a TV or a projector, using Chromecast.

Cast Tab or Desktop

The Omnibox at the top of Chrome can be used to search specific websites directly, without having to navigate to the website first.

Omnibox Website Search

If you come across a word or phrase you want to know more about, simply highlight it, right-click, and select “Search Google for…”.

Right-Click Text Search

This feature lets you organise your tabs into groups. You can name these groups and assign them colours for easy identification.

Tab Groups

If you have too many tabs open and can’t find the one you need, you can use the Open Tabs Search feature to find it quickly.

Open Tabs Search

You can change where your downloads are saved on your computer or choose to be asked each time where to save a file.

Customise Download Location

Chrome can generate live captions for any video or audio playing in the browser, which is especially useful for those with hearing impairments.

Live Captions

While extensions are disabled by default in Incognito mode, you can choose to enable certain extensions that you need.

Incognito Mode Extensions

Chrome Flags are experimental features that aren’t yet part of the main browser but can be enabled for testing purposes.

Chrome Flags

Google Lens uses your camera to provide contextual information based on what it sees. It can identify objects, landmarks, and even translate text.

Google Lens